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Tewmey Photos

The fun crew
having a great time in Orlando!

Jimmy and Teresa in Campbell, California July 17, 2002

Jimmy and Teresa in Campbell, California July 17, 2002

Jimmy and Gary in Campbell, California July 17, 2002

Jimmy and Gary in Campbell, California July 17, 2002

Lauren getting her face painted at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC.

Laura is the background.

Ashley Botner at Halloween  Ashley Botner at Halloween

The James & Flona Tewmey home at 819 Moberly Rd, Harrodsburg, KY 40330-9189

Mame (Terhune)
Harry Tewmey
with James Lloyd Tewmey
their grandson
in 1928

Aunt Doty,  Ma & Pa T

Ma & Pa T with Pepper,
Daisy's dog

Irma's daughter, Danna and sons, Darrien and Justin visiting Aunt Daisy when she had a lung cancer operation

Ma & Pa Tewmey

Kentucky home where Ma & Pa T grew their family

Aunt Irma, Ma T, James, Bob, DeeDee

Back row: Bob, Greg, Jeff, James, Benny and his granddaughter
Front row: Adam, Lora, Andy, Patty, Bessie, Ma T, Laura, Kendra, Teresa

Calumet Farm

Ma T with all her children

Daisy, Nolan,
Ma T, Irma
Daisy &
four of her sons

Steve Compton, Eric Freeman, Nolan Freeman II, Rich Compton, Will Freeman, Jeff Compton

Janice, Flona, James, Bessie, Bob, Daisy, Nolan, Cindy, Chelsea


Jeff, Steve, Bessie, Rick