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Love and Courage

Love and Courage

One of Satan's tricks is to change an action word into a feeling word. He's applied this trick to the words "courage" and 'love." People have been lead to believe that "love" is how you feel about someone.

You may have heard this lie corrected with the quote "love is not a feeling but an action." Jesus' greatest act of love for us was to die for us. He wasn't experiencing warm fuzzies while hanging from the cross. No. this love was not a reflection of how he was feeling at the moment. Keep in mind. God saved us while we were his enemies, not while we were his friends. This love was not an act of emotion. Many marriages have been preserved by exercising this definition of love.

In this way "courage" is like love. Like love it is an action without regard for how you feel.

  • With "love" we overcome the possible ABSENCE of feeling;

  • with "courage" we overcome the possible PRESENCE of a feeling: fear.

Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the overcoming of fear. It is the standing up to fear and acting because the time of action has come.

"Love" is most virtuous when it does not stumble when emotions fail.
Courage is most virtuous when it does not stumble when emotions are present.